Private Investigations, Research & Media Consulting

About Jim Leusner Consulting, LLC

Jim Leusner Consulting LLC is a unique and innovative investigation, information and media services company based in Orlando, FL. Founded by the esteemed and award-winning investigative reporter, Jim Leusner, our company brings over 30 years of expertise in uncovering and documenting Central Florida’s most significant news, crime, court, business, government, land development, space, tourism, and political stories. Jim has been a licensed Florida private investigator since 1996  and operated his own private investigation company since 2009.


Jim Leusner uses his unique set of skills to provide a varied array of services including Private Investigations, Research, and Media Consulting. 

Private Investigations

Includes background checks, criminal history, surveillance, social networking and more.

Freelance Writing, Editing, Research

Includes writing, editing and research services for News and Legal content.

Media Consulting

Includes research and training for website content and press releases.

Hire A Professional

Contact Jim Leusner Consulting in Orlando, FL  for investigation, research, or media services today.

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