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Media Research, Training, and Content Writing

In the ever-evolving landscape of information, the demand for precise, well-researched, and compelling content is at an all-time high. Jim Leusner Consulting steps into this arena not only as a prominent figure in investigative journalism but also as a hub of excellence for research, writing, and editing services. Jim Leusner Consulting is your trusted partner in producing media content that not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

Media Consulting Services

Jim Leusner Consulting offers insights on areas such as content creation, digital marketing, and overall communication, helping our clients enhance their presence, reputation, and effectiveness in the media landscape.


Research for media content entails thorough gathering and analysis of information to ensure accuracy and relevance, incorporating diverse sources and staying current with developments. It involves understanding audience preferences and ethical considerations to create informed and credible media materials.


Develop the skills and knowledge required to create compelling and effective content across various media channels, such as print, digital, and broadcast.

Website Content

Establish a consistent brand voice, provide relevant information, and encourage user interaction through effective calls to action, contributing to a dynamic and credible online presence.

Press Releases

Create concise and compelling narratives that communicate newsworthy information about a company, product, or event. It aims to grab media attention, convey key messages, and encourage journalists to cover the story, ultimately enhancing the organization's visibility and reputation.

Timely Delivery and Client Collaboration

Recognizing the importance of deadlines and the value of client input, Jim Leusner Consulting emphasizes timely delivery and collaboration. The consultancy works closely with clients throughout the process, providing regular updates and incorporating feedback to ensure that the final product aligns seamlessly with their vision and objectives.

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